Do you enjoy learning, but the thought of sitting down and reading a textbook makes you want to do a swan dive out of a burning building? One of the ways that I get my regular “reading in is by listening to audiobooks instead of reading from those pesky paper fire hazards; books. Plus when you’re listening to an audiobook, you can do other mindless things such as drive, clean, and even provide parenting advice to newlyweds. (It’s not hard to teach marital noobs).

Audible and How it Works

Audible is the perfect solution for those interested in consuming audiobooks on a regular basis. Their library is loaded with over 150,000 best-sellers in nearly every genre. With their $14.95 per month subscription, you get to choose one free audiobook per month and receive 30% off any additional books that you purchase outright. So if you’re planning a three-day coast-to-coast road trip, you can stock up on the ENTIRE TWILIGHT SERIES. (Don’t be shy. Embrace. #TeamJacob)

Plus, this month Audible began offering two free audiobooks as an incentive if you sign up for their free 30 day trial through Amazon. What most people don’t know is that you maintain access to these audiobooks even after your free trial ends. That means you can sign up for the free trial, claim your two free audiobooks, cancel the subscription, and enjoy those two audiobooks completely free of charge for as long as you want. Then, if you enjoy the audible experience, you can keep your subscription and continue to get access to an additional audiobook each month. It’s really a no brainer. 

To get your free trial and two free audiobooks, click here.

I’ve used Audible in the past and the overall experience has been positive. Not only do the apps have a decent interface, but the company also offers a “no questions asked” book exchange policy. This means that if you don’t like an audiobook, you can simply exchange it for a different choice. This way you’re never paying for a book that you don’t like. It’s a very customer focused program appealing to anyone that enjoys audiobooks.

Have you ever used Audible? Do you enjoy listening to Audiobooks? Tell us why in the comments below.