One of the worst parts about PC gaming is that over time as you install more programs and background processes, pick up more spyware, and use your computer; it becomes slower. While this is an issue for anyone using a PC, this is an even bigger problem when you’re using your computer for gaming. There is nothing worse than going back to finish an old game in the catalog just to have it struggle from performance issues. It’s precisely this reason why I generally stick to console gaming, but that might be changing in the near future.

About a week ago Microsoft announced this new feature that will be arriving for Windows Insiders this week. Take a look at the overview video posted by Microsoft:

In the video they explain that game mode has two goals: improve peak performance framerates and improve gameplay consistency.  Improving peak performance framerate means that in those areas where you hit top framerate, you’ll be able to hit even higher numbers. Additionally, the mode will help create a more consistent experience when it comes to framerate as opposed to drastic fluctuations depending on what is being rendered on the screen. The above features are achieved by prioritizing CPU and GPU resources towards gaming as opposed to background processes and other programs that bog down your computer while gaming.

Additionally, the new release will bring a new Gaming section to windows settings where users will be able to configure their computers specifically for gaming. Also, it brings built in game streaming. This will allow you to seamlessly broadcast your gameplay to other users around the world.

This seems to be an effort to help bring a level of experience-parity between PC and console gaming. Games made for console are optimized specifically for the hardware and don’t have to compete for resources like PC games. Additionally, both Xbox One and PS4 have stupid-simple broadcast integrations so that anyone can broadcast their gameplay. This upcoming Microsoft release will bring that level of simplicity and optimization to PC gamers as well