Courtesy of Latest World Technology

“By now” I’m sure you think you have enough ways to “Buy Now.” (See what I just did there?) However, Google disagrees. As initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, Google will soon allow you to buy products straight from within search results by providing a “Buy Now” button when searching on mobile devices. Google is hoping that by offering such convenience to users, the company will be able to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay. 

The option will be limited to sponsored results (those at the top with the little “Ad” icon next to them), meaning it will not show up on organic (unpaid) search results.  Upon tapping “Buy Now” the additional details of the transaction will take place such as selecting sizing or other product options. The user will then be able to checkout using Google’s shopping cart. It’s important to point out, however, that while Google provides the storefront, retailers continue to supply the product. Macy’s is reportedly in discussion with Google to be one of the first retailers to utilize the service. 

This is a part of a larger initiative to enable you to use your Google accounts in multiple capacities. Similar to Facebook, many online services are now allowing you to login using your Google Credentials. This new service adds an additional layer of convenience so that users only have to enter their payment information once while shopping on multiple different sources. 

Such an aggregated product model is not new. Both eBay and Amazon provide effective storefronts for third-party online retailers to sell their products. Amazon provides a seamless trusted shopping experience regardless of the retailer. In fact, many people often don’t realize they aren’t buying the majority of their products from Amazon, but from third-party retailers through Amazon. Google’s new feature could offer a similar level of convenience.

Many are concerned that Google’s new feature will prevent customers from creating relationships with retailers. Amazon and eBay both come with unique challenges for retailers in the online marketing space. Amazon does not allow any kind of email capture for ongoing marketing during the shopping experience. All marketing must be done within a controlled environment using the Amazon platform. On the contrary, Google is providing more flexibility by enabling retailers to offer traditional opt in opportunities similar to those the customer would experience on a traditional website. This will hopefully allow for a more interactive and positive customer experience. 

Details have not been released regarding when we will begin seeing the “Buy Now” options within our search results, but it will reportedly start off with only a few retailers and grow over time. Are you excited about Google’s new “Buy Now” option? Let us know why/why not in the comments below.