Galaxy S6

The hype wagon is picking up speed as Samsung is teasing its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6. In light of their upcoming event next Sunday, “Samsung Unpacked,” the company released a video giving us some vague insight into some of the features and highlights of Samsung’s upcoming device. While the stylistic video doesn’t contain actual imagery or a direct feature reveal of the smartphone, the narration describes “the future” in an indirect poetic fashion. Below is the teaser’s narrative:

Tomorrow, metals will flow

Beauty will be powerful

Borders will disappear

Reflections will be free

Colors will lift

The future will be the present

We’re going to break down each stanza and provide our thoughts as to its meaning:

“Tomorrow, metals will flow.” – This sentence is likely an indication that the upcoming device will abandon its classic plastic design for a modern metal body bringing it in line with leading competitors such as Apple’s iPhone. This confirms many of the rumors and leaked images from late last month.

“Beauty will be powerful.” – This “power” is likely in reference to beefed up specs including a stronger processor and more RAM. Increasing the specs with each new smartphone model is standard in the industry and to be expected.

“Borders will disappear.” – This is likely reference to an edgeless display. It could also confirm rumors that the device will feature an “Edge” version with a curved edge for notifications similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

“Reflections will be free.” – Could this be a new innovation in reflection-free screen technology? Most smartphones on the market today feature a glossy mirror-like finish which can result in glare. An improvement to this could mean improved picture visibility, especially in sunlight.

“Colors will lift.” (I think that’s what she is saying) – Many are speculating that this could indicate a more accurate portrayal of colors on their screen. The screen on the Galaxy S5 was considered controversial and received mixed reviews. An improvement to this technology could be in direct response to the screen’s naysayers of the world.

You can view and speculate on the teaser for yourself below:

We want to hear your thoughts on the teaser video. Share your speculations in the comments below!