Rumors continue to swirl as fans of Samsung’s flagship devices clamor to know more about the upcoming phone. A picture has allegedly appeared today that could be a leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S6. (If that’s what Samsung decides to call it anyway) See the leaked image below:

Galaxy S6

Originally discovered and posted by ToptienMobile, this phone very well could be the Galaxy S6. To see if this was potentially a photo-shopped version of another Galaxy Device, I used Google’s “Search by Image” feature to see if any other similar images existed. Strengthening the case that this could be real, I did not find any. 

Additionally, I compared this image with pictures of the S5, the Note 4, and the Note 3. See the comparison below:

Galaxy S5

Possible Galaxy S6

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 3

If you look closely, the edges and the camera are what are most different from previous versions of the device. The camera is centered above the earpiece and the screen is within what looks to be a millimeter of the edge; nearly eliminating the edges altogether. I tried zooming in on the device to see if I could see any issues with pixel blending, but the image is too low resolution to tell. The device closest to the proposed image is the Note 4, however you can see the difference in the thickness of the edges.

As always, time will tell. It definitely looks similar to the other devices and could be the a real leaked image, but until Samsung makes the announcement; this will remain in the vault of rumors.

What do you think of the image? Does it look real to you? If so, does it excite you? If you don’t think it looks real, tell us why. Leave your thoughts in the comments below