And by Skinny, I mean thin. Take a look at a new concept design (A.K.A. not real) put together by Curved Labspaying appropriate tribute to the original Macintosh computer. The entire computer is razer thin with the resemblance of an iPad on an elegant stand and a wireless keyboard. Something us nerds would have only dreamed of during the original released. They also maintained the disc slot, however, it appears it is now dedicated to use by memory cards. Additionally, it maintains the classic Apple symbol glow that radiates at conferences around the globe.

It’s been quite a few years since Apple first released the Macintosh. The company has gone from greatness, to tanked, back to greatness with the help of Steve Jobs, his moxie, and a whirlwind of innovation from the company. This concept art, if brought to production, could have some real potential, especially if they made it a collectors edition! Unfortunately, that’s all it is right now: a concept. We’ll keep dreaming. Meanwhile, drool over the concept video below:

What are your thoughts on the concept? Tell us the maximum amount you’d be willing to pay for the device as a collectors item in the comments below.