No one can deny that Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. In the U.S., it’s unlikely that you know someone who has not heard of Netflix that is under the age of 65. As of January 2015, Netflix had a total of 57.4 million subscribers worldwide, with 39 of the 57 million living in the US. Considering that the US has around 318 million people and an average household of 2.58 people, Netflix subscription holders reach nearly 32% of US residents; incredible numbers with perspective! With Netflix’s power in the market, they have now begun to recommend TV’s that are best suited to stream Netflix.

At CES 2015, Netflix announced their “Recommended TV” program; a program that will allow Netflix watchers to know what TV’s provide the best Netflix streaming experience. David Holland, the director of business development at Netflix stated in a blog post:

For all the benefits of smart TVs, our members tell us that access to the Netflix service should be easier, and that once you launch the app, you shouldn’t have to wait forever to begin enjoying the experience. The goal of the program is to give people insight into which models meet those needs and deliver a superior smart TV experience.  When you’re shopping for a new TV and see the Netflix Recommended TV logo, it means that TV will offer easy access to Internet TV services, faster performance, and new features that enable a next-generation smart TV experience.

So what were the first TV’s Netflix announced? They are:

  • LG 4K UHD TVs w/ webOS 2.0
  • Sony Android Full HDTVs
  • Roku TVs from Hisense, Insignia, and TCL

While the LG 4K UHD was probably the first TV to catch your eye, Netflix explains that they are most excited for the prospect of Roku and Sony’s televisions.

We’re particularly excited about the Instant On functionality supported by Roku TVs and the Sony Android Full HDTVs. These TVs wake up quickly, remembering where you left off, similar to how smartphones and tablets behave today. These Sony and Roku TVs are also capable of turning on and launching Netflix with the press of a single button, making getting to Netflix faster than ever before.

Keep in mind these are just the first round of Netflix Recommended TV’s. To learn more about the Recommended TV program by Netflix, and to see the current list of TV’s that offer a superior Netflix experience, you can watch the video below and visit

While I do think these TV’s will offer a great Netflix experience, it remains unknown whether consumers will place higher value on the “Netflix Experience” or the overall quality of TV they are purchasing. For example, I spent about 3 months researching the perfect TV for my needs and the Netflix experience never crossed my mind. 

Thus far, in my experience most buyers have cared more about the picture quality, sound quality, and network capabilities of the TV rather than whether the TV would provides an optimal Netflix streaming experience. Then again, we don’t know what we don’t know. Considering the popularity of the Netflix service, if that is the primary entertainment offering of a household, being a recommended TV could have its merits and influence a purchase. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think people will consider the Netflix experience when deciding on what TV to purchase? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.