E3 is here and there have been some exciting announcements thus far. Bethesda kicked things off for us this morning and Sony closed the day out for us. So what exciting news did Sony reveal for us? Lets find out!


Sony announced that Media Molecule (creators of LittleBigPlanet) will be releasing a new game titled Dreams. Dreams is a unique approach to game-play by letting PS4 users be the creator of their own game/movie/play/whatever. Media Molecule created this game so users can use their imagination to “piece together a whole new environment in moments” says Alex Evans.

Dreams also gives users the ability to visit/edit the dreams of other PS4 users. Whether you are helping create a cuddly polar bear or fighting zombies, you can bring your dreams to life through the PS4.

There is no release date at this time but stay tuned for updates. In the mean time check out the Dream trailer below.

Call of Duty Black Ops III

For years Activision has been partnered with Xbox, but that appears to have changed as Sony announced its new partnership with Activision to bring Black Ops III to PlayStation. According to David Vonderharr Black Ops III is “unlike any before.” While we saw some new and exciting maps, along with a new bow and arrow, the game-play appeared fast and fluid. We also witnessed some-sweet wall walking, and what appears to be teleportation?

PlayStation will receive the Call of Duty: Black Ops III maps before any other platform according to the E3 announcement. The PS4 beta will be available this August and the game will be available November 6th, 2015.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

If there was one game that shook the building due to pure excitement from the crowd at E3, it would be the Final Fantasy VII Remake. For years now Final Fantasy gamers have been begging for a Final Fantasy VII remake, and now your dreams have come true.

We don’t know much about the release but we do know that its coming, and will be launched on he PS4 first before an other console (if any).

Uncharted a Thief’s End

“Now here’s a game that does not even need a introduction”, says Druckmann as he did not introduce Uncharted a Theif’s End. There was a lot of shooting, fighting, and an intense driving scene in the trailer that got many excited. The graphics were unreal, but that’s no surprise as past Uncharted games always pushed the boundaries of graphics.

There is no official release date at this time but we do know that the game will be available in 2016.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue also received some stage time as Sony announced that they would be expanding the Vue to two new locations. These new locations include San Francisco and Los Angeles California. Along with he announcement of the new cities, Sony also announced three new channels: Showtime, Fox Soccer, and Machinima.

According to Andrew House, PlayStation Plus Subscribers will be able receive PlayStation Vue packages at discounted rates and will offer channels in a la cart fashion similar to Apple’s rumored television service.

While there were some exciting announcements, I would have to admit that I was a bit jealous of Microsoft’s press conference being a PS4 user. I was hoping to see some announcements regarding the PlayStation Vita, along with more plans for Project Morpheus. I was not satisfied with the 10 seconds they used to update everyone on Project Morpheus, especially after Microsoft blew our minds with the HoloLens. Oh well, there has to be a winner and Microsoft definitely took the bacon this year. 

What are your thoughts? What announcement are you most excited for? Let us know your thoughts int he comment section below.