There is no easier way to give back to the world than by installing the Adora app.

Update: If you’re looking to help donate to Nick and Nate’s cause by downloading Adora, please click here for details.

Have you ever wanted to donate to a charity or cause, but didn’t have nearly the funds you would have liked to provide? A new company/app called Adora (fittingly Portuguese for “love”) is hoping to provide a solution that will allow you to give more to the world simply by installing their app on your phone.

The concept of Adora is simple, the App places advertisements on your lock screen. Each time you unlock your phone, a different advertisement is displayed on your screen. A portion of the advertising revenue then goes towards the charity/cause of your choice. It’s that simple.

Let me repeat that for you, you can donate money on an ongoing basis to the charity of your choice just by downloading and enabling this app. (Not a dime of your money is involved) This is a huge opportunity to give back to the world in a way that everyone with a smartphone is capable! Adora is tapping into a HUGE market (affiliate marketing), inventing a new way to get in front of users, and using the proceeds to better the world. There is no easier way to give back to the world than by installing the Adora app. The boy on “Pay It Forward” would have had a heyday if this app existed.

Now, I can hear the big question on everyone’s mind, “how intrusive will the advertisements be?” I, like most I assume, am willing to donate my lock screen to a good cause as long as it isn’t going to cause me grief.  The answer to the “how intrusive” question is: as intrusive as you want the advertisements to be. You choose the subject matter of the advertisements shown on your screen. Are you looking for the next big travel adventure with your significant other? Choose travel for your ad preferences to show you the latest deals each time you unlock your phone. As far as ad types are concerned, they will consist of images, GIFs, and videos (Silent unless clicked) on your lock screen. I was a bit concerned about video at first, but once one of the founders explained to me that any ad audio has to be enabled, my concerns were put to rest. It’s also worth noting that the company has a strict “family friendly” advertising rule, so you don’t have to worry about a barely clothed Miley Cyrus being on your screen the next time your wife unlocks your phone. 


This app is available for both Apple and Android devices with a caveat, Apple has strict control over the lock screen and currently hasn’t given developers the ability to show more than notifications and album art on the lock screen. As a result, Adora on the iPhone instead uses a notification system that displays ads at intervals of your choice.

Additionally, Adora continues to learn your preferences over time to provide you with valuable offerings on a regular basis. Each time an ad is displayed, you can up-vote or down-vote the ad to improve the apps understanding of you. Also, you can save ads for later viewing if you’re needing to get to that text message but your interested in checking out the offer at a later time. All in all, the app has a slick interface that gives users control and visibility of what is most important to them: the ads they see, the charity they are donating towards, and how much money their ad interactions have generated for their chosen charity/cause.

Finally, the other most important question is, “how much of the advertising revenue will actually make it to a charity?” According to their F.A.Q. page, they are currently giving 20%, but are working towards increasing that to 50% in the future. This is likely due to the company needing to recoup some of the expenses of the upfront investment in the creation of Adora. If the company can’t keep its lights on, how else are you going to be able to donate to charity so easily?

The Smash

I think the concept behind this app is genius and has an opportunity to make a big impact on the world around us. I had a very refreshing call with one of the founders of the company who said, “Our product is charity work, it is what we’re about.” In that discussion it was apparent that this organization is passionate about driving charity awareness and participation around the world.  

Considering how easy it is to install and choose your ads, you would be a fool not to install this app and begin giving back to the world around you. You can gain access to this app in both the Google Play and Apple’s Appstore. However, the current iteration of the app only provides advertisements through phone notification. A future update will enable lock screen advertising. You can obtain this app and begin giving back to the world today by downloading the app from one of the following sources:


Additionally, the app is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds and awareness for the further development of the app. You can participate and donate towards the cause here.

What do you think about Adora? Are you willing to give up your lock screen to further health advancements/sick children/world education/etc…? If not, tell us why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.