Galaxy S6

One of the best improvements Samsung made to its Samsung Galaxy S6 is its fingerprint scanner. Rather than swiping your finger on the screen, the scanner is now located on the home button. This new location makes scanning your fingerprint feel more natural, and seems to provide a better scan.

While setting up your own fingerprint is easy to do, I’ve had a few people ask if its possible to add more than one fingerprint. There are many situations where you need to use another finger to unlock your phone due to being in a awkward position or only having one free hand. The good news is Samsung does allow users to enter additional fingerprints, and here’s how! 

1. Go to Settings.


2. Select Lock screen and security under the Personal section of the settings menu.


3. Select Fingerprints.


4. Verify your identity by scanning your fingerprint or typing in your backup pass-code.

5. Select Add fingerprint.


6. Use the step by step instructions to scan in your new fingerprint. 

There you have it, you have now successfully added a new fingerprint to your fingerprint scanner. Keep in mind, Samsung only allows you to have 4 saved fingerprints, so choose wisely.

As always, if you have any issues trying to create a new fingerprint or need help with something else that you are not able to find on our website, please let us know in the comment section below.