Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference is next week. As always, there are a number of rumors and leaks that make the headlines. Many are juicy, others… not so much. You probably don’t want to have to dig around, so we’ve compiled the best of them for you in this article. Enjoy!

The Death of iTunes

iTunes has been a staple since the inception of legitimate music downloads. The success of Apple’s iPod flung the service into legitimacy. It has been 14 years since its release, and the company is rumored to be leaving behind the name “iTunes” for Apple Music in a re-branding effort. 

But it is more than just a re-branding, Apple Music will encompass new features and functionality. According to the Financial Times, the new App will include streaming music that we can attribute to Apple’s acquirement of Beats Music last year. The service will apparently carry a standard $10 per month price tag and offer a personalized music listening experience comparable to Spotify. The App will apparently come pre-installed on iPhones making it a quick and easy option for new and existing iPhone users. That’s assuming they’re not already Spotify users, in which case it becomes bloatware. Ho-Hum!

OS X improvements

OS X for Mac is rumored to be getting some upgrades as well. According to the Digital Trends, one such rumor is a control center akin to that of the iPhone for quick control over “Wi-FI, Airplay, and Music Playback.” This will make toggling such features on the Mac quick, easy, and more convenience.

Another rumored OS X improvement includes improved security to make OS X and iOS almost Jailbreakless (Let’s be honest, we know this isn’t possible.). Additionally, Apple is rumored to be optimizing and building up their iCloud to better handle their customer load; a much needed improvement after numerous recent outages. And finally, new maps and fonts will reportedly be available. (Sorry still no wing dings for those of you who can’t read letters.)

WWDC Rumors

iOS Improvements

There are several rumors going around about iOS 9 that is to be revealed at WWDC next week. The following rumors are outlined by the International Business Times and Business Insider:

  • New Themes – iOS 9 will enable new themes and wall-papers. This will allow you to better customize the look and feel of iOS to your pleasing.
  • Improved iMessage read receipts – You will now be able to choose who you want to receive notifications that a text message has been read. You will now be able to turn these off for that pesky stalkerish X-girlfriend. (hallelujah!)
  •  Improved security to file sharing – Apple will be proportedly using an improved security protocol for passing information from your iDevices to your desktops and Macs. Could this be the result of the celebrity photo scandal from last year?
  • Multi-Window Apps – A feature we have had since Windows 3.1 on computers is rumored to be finally coming to iPads. The feature will enable you to have two apps open, on-screen, and running simultaneously. It is also rumored that this may only be available on the much rumored iPad Pro. (A rumor within a rumor. It doesn’t get any better than that.)
  • A More Intelligent Siri – a major rumored change is that Siri will be able to more deeply integrate with 3rd party apps. “Siri, play White Collar on Netflix over my Chromecast” – that’ll be the day. 

WWDC Rumors

Apple Television Service May Not Be Revealed

Apple’s rumored television streaming service is rumored to not be unveiled at WWDC. The supposed service will allow users to stream live television as a type of slimmed down cable service accessible over the internet on Apple devices. We reported previously on challenges Apple was facing with gaining approval to stream local content and this being the potential culprit of the delay. As a result, the rumored service is rumored to not be revealed at WWDC. Another rumor within a rumor – Who’da thought? You can read more about the rumored service here. 

WWDC Rumors

Apple Pay Rewards

It’s no mystery that Apple Pay hasn’t quite gained the mainstream adoption that Apple was hoping for. Currently, only 6% of iPhone users actually use the service. 9% have tried the service but have not converted to regular users. The culprit is likely that not enough merchants support the service and its easier to habitually grab the card as opposed to look for a wireless terminal. (I know that’s why I don’t use it.) However, Apple’s rumored rewards program could change that. 

According to the New York Times, Apple will begin incentivizing Apple users to actually use Apple Pay. Details are scarce, but the company will allegedly offer “perks” to those that use the service to frequently buy. Yes, I’ll take the trip to the bahamas as my “perk” for today’s transactions. Oh, I just get an Apple pen and a fanny pack…? Maybe not… Hopefully their “perk” offering is sufficiently motivating once/if officially unveiled.

WWDC Rumors

New Apple TV

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will be bringing a re-designed version of Apple TV to the masses. According to the Journal and Gotta Be Mobile, this will be a “slimmer version” and include a “redesigned remote control and revamped software”, improved specs, and more internal storage.

The new Apple TV will also reportedly incorporate Siri functionality; likely to better compete with Amazon Fire TV/Stick’s voice control feature. Finally, Apple is rumored to incorporate an App Store into their new Aple TV so that third party developers can offer streaming services through Apple TV. This will address the number one complaint that I’ve heard from Apple TV users over the years. 

That about wraps it up for us folks. We’re excited for WWDC next week and all the exciting announcements that will come with it. Have you heard any other exciting rumors to be revealed at Apple’s upcoming WWDC? Let us know in the comments below!