google fiber

Google Fiber appears to be rolling out pretty slowly. While Provo, Kansas City, and Austin are the only cities that have basking in the Google Fiber glory, that might change soon! According to WRAL TechWire, Google Fiber could be coming to Raleigh and Durham North Carolina. A source speaking to WRAL TechWire stated that “Google is seeking bids to begin building a fiber network as early as April.”

Raleigh and Durham are both listed on Google Fibers’ website as cities that could possibly receive Google Fiber in the future. While that helps add a little validity to this rumor, we are still waiting for an official announcement from Google. Other cities on the map include Portland, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Phoenix, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Google Fiber offers basic internet (speeds up to 5 Mbps) for free, but there is a one time construction fee of $300. If you are looking for a little more speed, you can get Gigabit Internet for $70 a month and the $300 construction fee will be waived. Now what about TV? Google Fiber covers that too. Currently for $120 a month, you can receive Gigabit internet as well as 150 television channels. If you opt into one of their two Gigabit internet services, you also receive 1TB of cloud storage for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google + photos.

This might be devastating news for those of us who are unable to take advantage of Google Fiber, but it is exciting to see Google finally making some progress (if the rumors are true). Let’s cross our fingers that Google Fiber hits Phoenix next!

With that said, how anxious are you to take advantage of Google Fiber? If Google Fiber was available in your area would you pay the $70 for Gigabit internet, or would you stay with the basic internet service? Let us know in the comment section below.