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We’re hours away from the winds of Black Friday converting into a tornado. (Starting on Thursday ironically) Before you go hunting down deals to meet your friends and families holiday technology needs, consider some of the upcoming Cyber Monday deals. The best part about Cyber Monday is that there are no lines, you can drink hot chocolate, and wear your birthday suit while doing it if needs be; though we don’t recommend that last bit. Don’t forget about amazing prices that rival many of the doorbusters of Black Friday.

We’ve done some digging to find some of the best Cyber Monday deals on technology so that you can cross some of those Black Friday items off your list and wrap up that crazy shopping day sooner rather than later. Ensure that you bookmark this page so that you can swiftly get to the deals of your choices when the clock strikes 12 AM Monday morning.

Walmart has some excellent deals this Cyber Monday, check out some of our favorite tech deals below:

Cyber Monday

Double Power 7 Inch Tablet with 8GB of Memory

Price: $37.99

While not the beefiest tablet on the market, at less than 38 bucks, this might be a better buy for your kids than a 3DS or other gaming handheld. Additionally, if you’re just looking for an eReader, you can’t beat 38 bucks, though we don’t know how heavy it is.

Cyber Monday

Playstation 4 Bundle

Price: $449

Playstation 4 has been the best-selling console this past year. This system retails for $399 alone and games typically cost $60 a piece making the overall value of this bundle at $580. That’s a great value.

Cyber Monday

Samsung 4k LED HDTV

Price: $998

Samsung is one of the leading HDTV providers. This is an excellent way to get access to a 4k TV which are typically in the thousands of dollars.

Cyber Monday

LG 49 Inch 1080P HDTV

Price: Undisclosed

While the price is undisclosed, you can bet that this TV will be on the few hundred-dollar range as it is a 49 inch LED TV. I would estimate around $300-400.

Cyber Monday

Sanyo 58 Inch LED 120 Hz HDTV

Price: $499

Sanyo is on the lower end of the quality spectrum, but for $499 for an LED tv this big, I would call it a disposable TV.


Nintendo 3DS XL New SUper Mario Bros 2 Handheld

Price: Undisclosed

While not disclosed, it is safe to assume that in addition to the design, the game Super Maro Bros 2 comes with the device. With the device retailing at $150 and coming with a game I would estimate that this bundle will come in at around $140.

Amazon has not disclosed their official Cyber Monday deals yet, however, they have released some of their Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals. Some of the best are as follows:

Cyber Monday

Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone

Price: 199

While the phone hasn’t quite broken into the market, at $199 without a contract, this could be the perfect replacement for that phone you accidentally dropped in the toilet. (You know who you are. Stop putting that phone in your back pocket)

Cyber Monday

Amazon Fire HD

Price: $109

Contrary to the Amazon Fire Phone, the tablet iteration of the Fire has done a bit better. Positioning itself as a premium budget tablet averaging between 200 and 300 dollars this opens the price range to a whole new group of people. Now at $109, you could probably pick up pennies off the street for a week and afford that.

Amazon has already started offering their Black Friday deals here.

Many retailers, especially those with a brick and mortar shop, don’t like to disclose their deals until a day or so before Cyber Monday. Visit each retailers site on Cyber Monday to check out all of the deals in their glory!