Gold and White Dress

It’s been a strange few days on the internet. If you’ve even glanced at your social feed, you’ve likely seen multiple images/arguments over the gold/white/black/blue dress fiasco. (and maybe even Napoleon’s Tina on the loose) You’ve might have even seen your most angelic friends in heated arguments regarding the color blindness of friends and family. The dress is clearly gold and white. Did we get your attention? Exactly…

While most people were busy arguing about the dress or laughing on llamas, we had a monumental policy put into place to protect the internet for the greater good of humanity. Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) approved the Net Neutrality Act; something that has been in debate for over a decade. This act protects our freedom of information. It prevents internet service providers from inhibiting you from accessing information on the web that you want to access. It also enables small businesses and innovators the ability to be seen and heard online. Without Net Neutrality, gaining an online presence would no longer be about providing valuable online content/products/services, and more about paying the most money to internet service providers. This is a big deal for preserving the American dream; especially with how digitized nearly every business has become. 

So what does this have to do with the dress? It’s a strange coincidence that on the day this policy went into place, two (not one) of the most viral social discussions of all time were initiated. Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist by any means (although I do believe in aliens, as soon as they cross the border), but it certainly seems as if this could be someone’s scheme to distract our country from recognizing an incredible milestone in the digital world. Who this is, what their motive is, and whether someone is actually behind this remains unknown, but something definitely seems fishy.

So, is the dress actually gold and white? No, but we got your attention didn’t we? As did someone else. The question is…who and for what purpose? (Note: I don’t think it is the Illuminati!)

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  (Feel free to continue arguing/being distracted over the colors you see as well)