The Apple Watch is unintentionally the ultimate device for full-time mothers. We’re not talking about a product that has good apps for moms, nor why a mainstream product could be beneficial to mothers. I’m telling you, the Apple Watch is what mothers have been in need of since the advent of the smartphone. 

Let me give you a little bit of a back story to this article. I’ve been looking forward to getting some hands on time with the Apple Watch and today I finally did. I walked away underwhelmed with the fact that, for the most part it’s a simple extension of your phone on your wrist. (More on this later) However, as I sat with my wife explaining all of its features, she immediately said, “I need that”, and my wife is by no means a techie. (When I first married her she still had a flip phone and it was the year 2011) However, she saw an immediate benefit from the Apple Watch that I didn’t initially see, and the benefit caters to full-time mothers.

What is the single biggest difference between the iPhone and the Apple Watch? The Apple Watch is a wearable, it has a band and sits on your wrist all day. It is precisely this aspect of the Apple Watch that makes it such an incredible device for mothers.

My wife is an incredible woman and she has raised our child like a champ. Her smartphones however, haven’t fared so well. As a stay-at-home mother you’re constantly moving, chasing children, cooking meals, cleaning the house, etc… Most women’s clothing styles do not allow for pocketing smartphones, so keeping your smartphone on you while going about the house is a dangerous pursuit. You’re either moving it from place to place, leaving it in a purse and disregarding it, or worse, placing it in a back pocket waiting to be launched into a toilet. (Disagree? Three smartphone homicide cases beg to differ.)  Most of us need to keep an eye on our smartphones, so option B is typically out of the question. Options A and C are about as safe as skydiving without a parachute. (i.e. not safe in case you didn’t get that.)

The Apple Watch is a game changer for mothers because it’s always within seeing distance and you don’t run the risk of it flying out of their back pockets. Mothers can leave their phones in their purse and still receive notifications on the fly wirelessly on their Apple Watch. Mothers can keep tabs on their Facebook/Pinterest/any other online obsession while cleaning the house, changing diapers, cooking meals, and just about anything else. The Apple Watch does require a connection to the iPhone, however it connects using Bluetooth 4.0 which has a range of up to 330 feet. This should accommodate the average household, especially if you strategically place your purse in the center of your home.

Disclaimer: Before I get attacked by feminists, I understand that many mothers work, and raising children/cleaning/cooking is not a woman’s stereotypically role/job in life. I am simply stating that for women who choose to be full-time mothers, the Apple Watch could be a smart investment.

Now that we have that out of the way, my fellow husbands, our biggest current challenge is that the Apple Watch is on back-order until June/July. Follow these simple instructions to successfully WOW your full-time mother or wife despite a shortage of Apple Watches:

  1. Buy a nice card, flowers, and a bag with some fancy tissue paper
  2. Print off this article. (Extremely important)
  3. Fold the article by fours and place it in the gift bag
    • Fold it so that the picture of the Apple Watch at the top of the article is visible
  4. Cover it with tissue paper
    • Fluff it. Convince your wife that someone else did this for you.
  5. Write a nice note on the card and place it in the envelope
  6. Place the envelope in the bag

Note: Don’t forget to order the Apple Watch. The world already has enough empty promises. You can do that here.

You’re now equipped with the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. A word of warning, if your wife isn’t into technology she may be confused by the gift. It might even cause her Deja Vu of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer buys Marge a bowling ball with Homer’s name on it for her birthday. However, simply direct her to this article so that she can see how her world is about to change.

Cheers to mothers. Happy (almost) Mother’s Day.