One of the top three reasons people do not root their Google%20Nexus 5, Black 32GB (Unlocked)Android phone is they feel it is too complicated/they feel they are not tech-savvy enough to do it. Let us help you overcome these mental obstacles with this simple way for anyone to root most Android phones. Just follow these step by step instructions and you will be rooted in no time!

Disclaimer: It is possible to brick your phone and make it unusuable during this process. Proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible for any issues you run into during the process.

Step 1: Install Kingo Android Root

Step 2: Check that your phone is compatible with Kingo Android Root by clicking here.

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging mode

This can be found under Developer Options. If you do not see Developer Options under your Setting menu, you will need to enable it. This can be done on most Android phones by selecting settings, About Phone, then scroll down to the Build Number. Tab the build Number seven times, and you should receive the message, “you are now a developer”.

Developer Options

Step 4: On your PC run Android Root

Android Root PC

Step 5: Connect Android Phone to Computer

During this step you will need to wait for the automatic driver installation to complete. There are times that this will fail; if this happens, simply try again. If the driver download continues to fail, you can manually download the drivers from your devices’ manufactures website. 

Step 6: Click ROOT

Once you select ROOT it is EXTREMELY important that you do not unplug the USB cable, turn off your phone, or try to run any other applications. Just don’t touch anything and you will be fine!

Root Button

Step 7: Root Successful

You have successfully rooted your Android phone. Now have fun!

If for any reason you had issues during the rooting process or you were not able to successfully root your Samsung%20Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H Black Factory Unlocked International ModelAndroid phone, check out Kingo’s Knowledge Base here

I have rooted every Android phone I have owned. Now its your turn. Once you have had a chance to play around with your rooted Android phone, let us know what you think in the comment section below.