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The SmashCast: Episode 4 Okay Smashers, it’s time for episode 4 of The SmashCast! In this episode, we discuss Black Friday Madness, Taylor
Ok smashers, it’s time for episode 2 of The SmashCast! In this episode, we will talk about ApplePay and Google Wallet being
Apple is rumored to be prepping to integrate its Force Touch technology into the upcoming iOS 9 and iPhone 6S
If you’re a criminal in Silicon Valley, watch out for the K5! A company known as KnightScope (a likely undercover
Do you remember Rock Band? Hours upon hours were probably spent in the basements of your parents home rocking out
Last month we reported on a leak from top executives in the television industry that Apple was working on its own television service
 After two years of success with their Roku 3, the company has decided to stop resting on its laurels. Hardware
If you haven’t already heard, Roku recently released a feature that enables you to mirror your Android and Windows smart
Most Android phones allow you to add up to seven home screens to your phone, which enables you to utilize
Dongle. Just the word gives you feelings of joy. Small dongle streaming sticks have revolutionized the streaming device industry. With Google’s