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We are always looking for the next big phone to come out. We wait, search, wait, and search some more just to see what rumors we might find. This is no different for those looking to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6. At this point what you hear is speculation as Samsung has not publicly announced details about their Samsung Galaxy S6. So here are some of the latest rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6.

According to SamMobile Samsung has “started from scratch” when developing the next big Samsung Phone. A source told SamMobile that the code-name for this project is “Project Zero”

 The Galaxy S6 will supposedly have a Quad HD (2560×1440) display. However, the screen size in unknown. The camera is expected to be between 16-20 megapixels with a 5 megapixel front facing camera. You can expect to have the same storage options as the Samsung%20Galaxy Note 4, Charcoal Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)Galaxy Note 4, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to also have the option of a 128GB model.

In terms of design the Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to do away with the plastic body, and implement its first ever metallic body. This change will really give the Samsung a huge boost in terms of design, since they have struggled over the years trying to keep up with the sleek and smooth Apple%20iPhone 6, Space Gray, 16 GB (Verizon)iPhones. However, this has been rumored in past models, and it has yet to come to pass. I wouldn’t be optimistic about it.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is also rumored to have “ultra-fast Wi-Fi”, which was reported by Christian Today. This “ultra-fast Wi-Fi” is said to be set at 60 GHz, which is a huge step up in Wi-Fi Speed allowing users to download a 1GB video in just three seconds. Up to this point Samsung has struggled in the area of Wi-Fi connection speed, so this would be a quite an improvement. If this rumor is true, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the first smartphone to have 60 GHz Wi-Fi. What are you most excited for? Which of these rumors do you think are the most likely? Have you heard any other rumors? Let us know in the comments below