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The HTC RE (View on Amazonwas announced back in October and met with a wave of skepticism. When I first saw pictures of the device, I thought it was a clunky lens that you used on your back smartphone for taking selfies. Luckily, I was wrong. After learning a bit more about the device, it definitely has definitely grown in enticement. Today, HTC made an update to the device that is likely to strike an even greater chord with a large demographic: YouTube streamers.

The update will enable support for live streaming videos to YouTube! Now users will be able to take their YouTube audience with them anywhere they go. Imagine a live episode of Miranda Sings at the grocery store. Or even better, a parkour video from the perspective of Damien Walter’s hand. Incredible, I know.

To provide a quick rundown on the device, the HTC RE is an action camera. The most comparable device on the market would be the GoPro. However, you’re not going to be connecting the RE to your drone or your helmet (At least not until they make a proper attachment for it), you’re going to clip it to your shirt pocket, do pranks on the neighbors, and make millions in YouTube advertising revenue.

Here are some specs and feature highlights of the device:

  • MicroSD slot supporting up to 128 GB cards
  • 16 Megapixel Camera for snapping pictures
  • 146 degree wide-angle lens for wide picture/video capture
  • Waterproof design up to 1 meter
  • Instant streaming by connecting to your phones Wi-Fi
  • Smart Phone syncing for backing up videos and pictures to the cloud
  • Smartphone app to add one touch cinematic effects

You can take a look HTC’s video below demonstrating the device:

As was demonstrated in the video, there are a number of attachments you can purchase for use in different ways. These attachments range from handlebar mounts, shirt/belt/eyelid clip, a stand that doubles as a charger, and more.


The biggest current hurdle with this device is the price. With an MSRP of $199, the HTC RE is 35% more expensive than the GoPro Hero which retails for only $129.99 on Amazon. If HTC can bring the device to a better price point that’s in demand by the typical consumer, this device could change the way we watch YouTube forever.

Meanwhile, until you get an HTC RE of your own, you can always just dream of what this video would look like from the hand’s perspective of Damien Walters. Get the man a cookie, he is incredibly talented!

What would you use the HTC RE to record? Let us know your craziest thoughts in the comments below!

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