Bloat McGoats

No one likes turning on their shiny new smartphone for the first time, only to find a mass amount of apps already installed that they will likely never use. What’s even more annoying is the fact you are unable to uninstall these applications, because the phone blocks you from doing so. Unless you give in to the dark side and decide to Root your phone, you are out of luck. Unless you own Samsung’s unprecedented smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. 

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 might not allow you to uninstall all the bloatware on your phone, you can do the next best thing and disable the app. By disabling the app you will disable all features, delete all app data, and the app will no longer appear under your list of apps. 

So how do you disable the bloatware on your phone? Follow these simple steps and you will be freed from pain in no time!

1. Select the Apps icon to bring up the list of apps installed on your smartphone.

2. Select the Edit button on the top right of your S6.


3. Select the small red dash within a circle on the upper right of the uninstalled app you want to disable. 

Red button

4. If you agree to the terms for disabling the app, select OK

Ok Button

Say hello to your almost bloatware-free phone! Keep in mind that disabling apps will remove them from your app list, even f they are not truly uninstalled. If you want to enable the app to view it on your app list, follow the steps as outlined in the “Disable and reset” dialogue box.

As always, if you run into any issues trying to disable the bloatware on your phone, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.