Cloud storage is being used more than ever. Knowing you can save a document and access that document almost anywhere you go is incredible. There are a ton of cloud services out there and many of them are free to use, but you are limited. For example, Google and Dropbox give you only 15 and 16 GB respectively. While these are great services, you get very little space when the word  ‘free’ is attached to it; at least most of the time.

If you are looking for free cloud storage, but want more that 16 GB of space, Microsoft just made it easy for you. Microsoft is offering 100 GB of free OneDrive space–if you sign up of for their Microsoft Bing Rewards Program. 

Microsoft’s Bing Rewards Program allows you to earn credits simply by using Bing to search the web. You will also earn credits by using different features and taking advantage of exclusive offers. These credits can then be redeemed for a number of different gift cards from places such as Microsoft, Amazon, TrueBlue, ProFlowers, GameStop, Burger King, and iTunes. You can also enter to win larger items like a Service Pro 3, or the Xbox One. If you are looking to give back rather than redeem a gift card, you have the ability to use your credits to donate to a charity. 

Bing rewards is an interesting program. There are some great gift cards that you can get for free by simply using Bing as your search engine. Since Google dominates the world of searching, other search engine providers are clamoring to come up with different ways to wedge their way into the market. Programs like Bing rewards have the potential of taking a piece of the pie.

This deal should really suit those who currently use OneDrive, or those who are not willing to fork out the extra cash and have ended up using a number of other free cloud storage providers. So, if you are looking for free cloud storage and are willing to sign up for Bing rewards, Microsoft’s offer is what you are looking for. 

What are your thoughts? Is the 100 GB of free cloud storage worth signing up for Bing rewards? Let us know in the comment section below.