The iPhone and smart phones have become status symbols due to their mainstream acceptance and our new-found human reliance on them. Smart-watches, wrist watches aimed at providing smart phone functionality at a glance, have yet to gain such mainstream acceptance. One of the challenges is that smart-watches with large screens tend to give off the Wayne Szalinski (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) geek kind of vibe. While we embrace that vibe, most people feel that it threatens their dignity.

Smart Watch

HP is looking to provide many of the most desired smart watch features in a beautiful form factor that doesn’t give off that Wayne Szalinski vibe like the others. HP has partnered with Michael Bastian, the renowned American fashion designer, to design the MB Chronowing.

Take a good look at how beautiful this watch is. I can think of about 30 pick up lines that could be used in tandem with this watch. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you, but they are almost a guaranteed date with the woman of your dreams. (These are men’s watches, I’m not forgetting you ladies out there)

Some of the functionality of this watch includes:

  • Routing texts and emails to the screen of the watch
  • Keeping track of your schedule by syncing calendar appointments
  • Listening to and controlling your media
  • Streaming relevant data such as stock values and sports scores

HP also guaranteed that when wearing this watch, you will look like this guy:

A Beautiful Smart-Watch

Alright, so that last feature we made up, but I’m a big fan of the way this watch looks. The lack of screen real estate does limit its functionality compared to other watches that support apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, and more. If you’re looking for that kind of functionality, we recommend the Moto 360, one of the better looking advanced smart watches out there.

Hopefully, this marks a turn in the trend of addressing some of our awkward technology fashion woes. Now, we just need Google to pump out their fashionably designed version of the Google Glass to give ourselves the much needed utility of a heads up display, while keeping our social lives intact.

What do you think of the MB Chronowing? Do you think the trade-off in functionality for fashion is is worth your dime?