iphone 5c

Apple has always been known for their sleek and stylish phones, but the sleek and stylish designs come with a high price tag. To help with that, Apple created the Apple%20iPhone 5c 32GB (Blue) – Verizon WirelessiPhone 5C which is similar to the Apple%20iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Verizon Wireless5S with less features, lower specs, and a more affordable price. 

According to Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times, Apple will discontinue the iPhone 5C next year. Although a specific date has not yet been announced, the 5C is said to be discontinued in the middle of 2015. 

As previously mentioned the Apple%20iPhone 5c 32GB (Blue) – Verizon WirelessiPhone 5C is a lower-end 5S. For example, the iPhone 5C does not have the A7 64-bit processor, it features a lower-end camera, smaller amount of built-in storage, and does not have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Below you will find a short list of specs for the iPhone 5C:

iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C

Apple’s iPhone 5C sales were lower than expected due the he high demand of the Apple%20iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Verizon WirelessiPhone Apple%20iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Verizon Wireless5S. According to a CIRP in January, the 5S accounted for 59% of iPhone sales in the previous quarter of 2013, while the iPhone 5C accounted for 27%. It appears that when it comes to iPhone sales, customers are willing to fork out the extra cash to get the best iPhone products. I guess Steve Jobs was right when he was against a low end iPhone.

Do you agree? When purchasing a phone (no matter the brand), are you willing to spend the extra cash on higher end products? Let us know in the comment section below.