Although I do not know many people who have made the switch from Apple%20iPhone 6, Gold, 16 GB (Verizon)Apple to Android or windows smartphones (sorry forgot about you blackberry users). One question I often hear is, “why am I not receiving texts from other Apple%20iPhone 6, Gold, 16 GB (Verizon)iPhone users”? I can answer that in one word, iMessage! Or better known as iMessage Purgatory.

Most iPhone users have been unaware that they have been using iMessage. The service has been turned on by default since its initial release with IOS 5 back in 2011.  It’s not typically until making the switch, however, that it becomes blatantly obvious that you are no longer receiving texts from friends and family members who are currently using an Apple%20iPhone 6, Gold, 16 GB (Verizon)iPhone. 

For years, iPhones users have had to go through the process of disabling their old device from their Apple accounts in order to receive texts from other iPhone users by calling into Apple or visiting their genius bar. This had to be done before deactivating the device to unassociate the current phone number. This became a big pain point for many customers and was highly vocalized earlier this year.

In response, Apple quietly released a new tool to make the switch to other smartphones a little bit easier. The process can be completed by following these simple steps.

If you have your iPhone and have not yet deactivate the phone:


          Go to Settings


          Select messages


          Turn iMessage off

If you no longer have your iPhone:

  1. Go to the Deregister site here
  2.  Type in your phone number and confirmation code.
  3. Click Submit

Although this should have been avoided by proper planning in the first place, it is nice that Apple has created a simple tool (after many lawsuits) to allow past users to disable iMessage. 

Do you think this is a good move by Apple%20iPhone 6, Gold, 16 GB (Verizon)Apple? Or are they far to late to the party? Tell us in the comment section below!