Attention all Apple users! AllCast, a media streaming service, is now available on iOS. Those who own a iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can now enjoy the services of AllCast. This discovery was first spotted by Engadget, and has since been topic of discussion amongst Apple owners.

AllCast allows users to beam photos, videos, and music to their television through an AllCast compatible device. These devices include Google%20Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media PlayerGoogle Chromecast, Roku%203 Streaming Media PlayerRoku, Apple TV, Xbox%20360 4GBXbox 360, Xbox%20One Assassin’s Creed Unity BundleXbox 1, as well as select smart TV’s. 

AllCast, which previously known as AirCast, was first introduced in 2013. While the free app only allows you to stream for 5 minutes, you can fork out $4.99 and experience unlimited streaming. 

While Apple has had some streaming services available in iTunes, these services are not nearly as smooth and bug-free as AllCast. Apple users were, in my opinion, stuck with AirPlay. While AirPlay has some great features that AllCast does not currently support, AirPlay has to be used with Apple%20TV MD199LL/A Bundle including remote and High-Speed HDMI Cable (10 Feet) (Current Version) (Certified Refurbished)Apple TV–which is an additional $100. 

AllCast is a great addition to iOS and will allow Apple owners to have a great streaming service without having to buy Apple TV. While I am sure that AllCast will be a little buggy in the beginning, rest assured knowing that AllCast will do all they can to fix any issues users may experience. At least that has been my experience using AllCast on my Android device. 

Check out the video below to see AllCast in action!


Now I have to disagree with the guy int the video, AllCast is nothing like bacon! Come on, there is nothing in the world like bacon! With that said, AllCast does have some great features and it is easy to use.

What are your thoughts? Are you as excited as my partner in crime Ryan Egan is to mess around with AllCast? Once you have had the chance to use AllCast tell us all about it in the comment section below.