After going through the ordeal of choosing the best smartphone for you, buying a phone case is probably the next most difficult decision to make. Do you go with a bulky protective case that can save your phone from a bomb (or a toilet spill), or sacrifice protection for a low profile, sleek look? Google is trying to make that decision even harder with their Google Editions Case.

Google has partnered with music DJ and producer Skrillex to create their first product released under their ‘Editions’ program. The limited-edition Skrillex Live Case is a low profile “smart” phone case that automatically updates your wallpaper during the day with images of earth taken by a satellite. Google, along with Skrillex, launched a high-altitude balloon named Nanou (named after Skrillex’s dog), to take the images for your smartphone’s wallpaper. At night, the Skrillex Live case will automatically change your wallpaper to show constellations that are visible at your current location. Check out this video that provides a little bit of history around the Skrillex Live case:

Along with the wallpaper updates, the Skrillex case also has a customizable shortcut button. Users can customize this button to open just about any app or webpage. 

The case is currently available for purchase on the Google Play Store, and is priced at $40. You can choose from three designs, but make sure your phone is compatible with the case. At this time the case is only compatible with three phones: the Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Samsung Galaxy S6. If you purchase the case, you will also get early access to Skrillex’s favorite OWSLA artists for free. (Oh What Say Live Astronauts… Maybe?)

The phone case is designed differently for those who have an interest in space or music, and if you are looking for phone protection, this probably is not the case for you. Due to its thin low profile design and smart capabilities, with this case you won’t only need to worry about damaging your phone, but also your smart case. 

At first glance, this phone case might seem just like any other phone case that is bundled with an app and in reality, that’s what it is. Google is attempting to start a trend that will hopefully evolve into something a bit more meaningful than random satellite images. (But hey, if Skrillex or sky pictures are your thing, maybe this is groundbreaking for you.) If there was a smartphone case that could change the cases design rather than images on your wall paper, I would be sold. Googllex (the new Skrillex Google Beast), that is your next task. 

What are your thoughts? Would you buy the Skrillex Live Case? What would you like to see from further smart cases? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.